It Pays to Be Inclusive – Employer Engagement Event

Learn from champion employers Milk Jar Candle Company Inc and SaskTel about why hiring people experiencing disability is good for their business, good for their community, and good for the economy.

It Pays to be Inclusive.

Champion Employers

SARC works with a number of inclusive employers whose commitment to diversity and inclusion within their workplace creates employment opportunities for people of all abilities.

Farm Credit Canada (FCC)

Farm Credit Canada knows the value of creating a diverse workforce. Since 2017, SARC and FCC have partnered to promote inclusive employment and what it means to be a Champion Employer in Saskatchewan.


SaskTel understands the economic benefit of hiring people experiencing disability and creating a corporate culture that supports people of all abilities to thrive at work.

Juliana Pizza

Juliana Pizza in Regina have seen many benefits of creating an inclusive culture and utilizing the many strengths of their staff.

Humboldt Sobeys

At Humboldt Sobeys, creating an inclusive workforce where staff and customers feel welcomed and respected is part of their bottom line. Anyone who walks in the door knows that they’re a part of the greater community that ensures everyone has a place.


Join a growing list of inclusive employers

EmployLink connects business owners with employment professionals who already work with a number of job seekers, right in your community. Employment professionals work for service providers and help connect business owners from any sector to an untapped pool of skilled workers.

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Hiring people experiencing disability can improve your bottom line.

EmployLink connects employers with service providers who have employment professionals that provide help to both the employer and the job seeker.

In addition to creating a workplace that’s fun, inclusive, and diverse, hiring people experiencing disability adds to the economic value of your business.


The Canadian Association for Supported Employment (CASE) Resource Hub is an excellent place to go to for a range of information on supported employment from organizations across Canada.

Visit the CASE Resource Hub

Hiring Intentions and Best Practices

Hire for Talent has created a toolkit for employers to access as a way to help navigate the best practices behind hiring people experiencing disability.

Hiring Intentions and Best Practices – Hire for Talent

Working with people experiencing disability starts with a great interview. By understanding how to make your interviewee feel at ease, what to ask, and when to follow up, gives you, the employer, the tools you need for a successful hiring process.

Get Tips for Interviewing People with Disabilities

Employers are realizing the benefits of creating a diverse and inclusive workplace, which begins with the interview process.

5 Ways to Support Diversity and Inclusion During Your Interview Process